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Business, Litigation and Real Estate Articles

Meet the New Rules, (Not the) Same as the Old Rules” (Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure)

A Long and Winding Road: How We Reached the 2014 Amendments

Anti-Deficiency Protection and the Unfinished Home

Asset Transfers and the Doctrine of Successor Liability

Customer List: Not Necessarily a Trade Secret

Employee Misuse of Confidential Information

Ex Parte Communications with Former Employees of an Opposing Party

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Restrictive Covenants in Employment Agreements

Significant Differences Between Arizona and Federal Civil Procedure

Lien, Prompt Pay and Stop Notice Resources

Arizona Prompt Payment Act

Mechanics' Liens and Stop Notices on Private Arizona Construction Projects

Payment Bond Claims on Private Projects

Payment Bond Claims on Public Projects

Construction Advisor Articles

AAA Amends Construction Industry Arbitration Rules

Achieving "Substantial Compliance"

Actual Cash Value and Contractor Fees

ADA Violations: What to Do If You Are Sued

Alcohol Drug Use Not a Factor in No-Fault Access to Worker's Comp Benefits

Anti-Deficiency Protection and the Unfinished Home

Architect's Errors May Create Liability for a Contractor's Damages

Arizona Legislature Reduces Threat of Construction Defect Lawsuits

Arizona Mechanics' Lien Foreclosure 101

Attorneys' Fees and Appeals of Registrar of Contractors Rulings

Avoiding Breach of Contract When Time Is of the Essence

Awarding of Attorneys' Fees

Bid Acceptance Not a Contract, Court Rules

Breach of Contract: Too Late to Sue

Building and Repairing Without a License

Changes at the ROC: Prosecuting Consumer Complaints

Compliance Update: Arizona Registrar of Contractors (2013)

Contractors and the ROC: Better Days Ahead?

Construction Delays and Liquidated Damages

Contractors: Prepare for Changes to Overtime Exemption Rules

Contracting with an Owner: A Practical Checklist

Contractors Beware: Unlicensed Contractors Can Collect Via the ROC

Court Broadens Grounds for Stay of License Revocation Pending Appeal

Court Grants No-Fault Access to Worker's Comp Benefits, Regardless of Alcohol or Drug Use

Court Reaffirms Contract Requirement in Breach of Implied Warranty Claims

Court Reaffirms Strength of Prompt Payment Law

Court Rescinds Order Barring Lien Service Companies from Signing Lien Documents

Court Upholds Contractor’s Preliminary 20-Day Notice and Construction Lien

"Defective Liens" Valid After All

Defending Against a Preference Claim

Do-It-Yourself Collections

Duty to Perform Good Workmanship Extends Beyond Parties to Contract

Economic Loss Rule Applies to Construction Cases, Supreme Court Rules

Electrical Contractor Solar Licensing and Warranty Requirements

EPA Ultimatum Leaves Valley Construction in the Dust

Fall Protection: OSHA Rejects Arizona Standards

Federal Projects, Worker Pay and the Davis-Bacon Act

Getting Paid Can Depend on Proper Licensing

The Headaches of Fighting a Registrar of Contractors Complaint

Independent Contractor Law Is of Little Value to Contractors, Subs

IRS Offers Tax Relief for Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors

Laborers and the 20-Day Notice

Lessons for Arizona Contractors: Construction Case Law Roundup

Licensed Contractor, Unlicensed Work

Lien Discharge Bonds and Lawsuit Deadlines

Medical Marijuana Law Raises New Challenges for Employers

Miller Act 90-Day Notice Period Runs from Date of Last Delivery on Open Accounts

Misclassifying Workers as LLC “Members” Leads to Costly Settlements

Negotiating a Construction Contract: Tips and Reminders

New Protections against Public Access to Contractors' ROC Files

No Time Limit on ROC Collection Efforts

Little Miller Act Payment Bond: Surety Cannot Be Sued for Bad Faith

"Pay When Paid," "Pay If Paid": Use with Caution

Payment Bonds Versus Performance Bonds

Piece Work and the Fair Labor Standards Act

Personal Guaranties: Affected by Same-Sex Marriage?

Personal Liability for Failure to Pay Subcontractors, Suppliers

The Rare "Cardinal Change"

Recent Changes in Arizona Contractor Licensing

Replacement Checks, Preference Actions, and the "New Value" Defense in Bankruptcy

Responding to an ROC Complaint

ROC Releases New License Applications (October 2017)

ROC Rule Changes Appear to Benefit Contractors (November 2017)

Security Interest Can Survive Commingling of Sale Proceeds

Strippers, Contractors and Employee Misclassification

Subcontractor Indemnity Exposure Clarified

Sullivan v. Pulte: Court Bars Negligence Claim Against Builder by Subsequent Home Buyer

Tough Penalties for Failure to Show License Number

The Trouble with Asset Transfers

The Trouble With Change Orders

Unlicensed Contractor Wins Relief from Order to Pay Full Restitution

Unlicensed Contractors: No Automatic Refunds

Unpaid Taxes a Reduced Threat to Contractor's License

Wang Electric v. Smoke Tree: Liens and Leasehold Improvements

When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together: Revisiting Arizona’s Adoption of the Spearin Doctrine

Worker Lawsuits a New Threat to Employers in Wage & Hour Claims

Workers Compensation: When Is a Worker Not an Employee?