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Lang & Klain assists Arizona business owners in the important areas of entity formation, business transactions and contracts

Business Law


Entity Formation

Operating under the correct form of business entity is essential in achieving your tax, liability protection and other business ownership objectives.

Whether you will be best served with a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, S corporation or C corporation, we can help you create your new business entity quickly and economically, in some cases for a flat fee.

We handle the drafting work and filing necessary to form your entity correctly. We can create and file your operating agreement (for an LLC), partnership agreement, or articles of incorporation and bylaws (for a corporation). If appropriate to your situation, we can also prepare shareholder agreements, stock purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc. If you elect to have your limited liability entity taxed as an S corporation, we can assist you with IRS Form 2553 and Form 8832, as needed.

Business Transactions and Contracts

You want an attorney who can carefully draft, review and negotiate an important business contract, but who is not a deal killer.

As a client of Lang & Klain, you will appreciate our ability to balance our diligence in providing legal services with our commitment to helping you achieve your business objectives.


Business Attorneys

Bill Klain

Kent Lang

Kevin Estevez

Bill Klain, Kent Lang and Kevin Estevez are experienced business attorneys who understand the complexity of entity formation and business contracts.

business legal services

Entity Formation (LLCs, corporations, etc.)

Operating Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreements

Business Purchase Agreements

Equipment Purchase Agreements

Business Ownership

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